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5 Reasons to Switch to an E-Cig

Electronic Cigarette Benefits

Electronic Cigarette Benefits

With the emerging popularity of Electronic Cigarettes, people are wondering what all the fuss is about.  What are the electronic cigarette benefits compared to real cigarettes?  As a former smoker and current vaping supporter, I can see there are many advantages electronic cigarettes have over the traditional tobacco products we have seen over the years.  With new trends comes tons of questions from consumers when new products emerge and scouring the internet for answers can be a hassle at times.  So, with in mind I am going to go over over some of the electronic cigarette benefits when compared to traditional cigarettes.

1.  Electronic Cigarettes are a much cheaper option for smokers 

Lets face it, the last time I checked the price of cigarettes have not declined.  A pack of 20 cigarettes can cost anywhere from 4.00 to 14.50 a pack plus tax!  With some states tobacco tax rate as high as 16%, that can end up costing you 16.32 a pack.  WOW!  With some smokers averaging a pack a day that can end up costing you anywhere from $120.00-$480.00 a month for as long as you smoke.  Most smokers literally could have purchased and have paid off a new car in just a few years!

Now the cost of electronic cigarettes can vary vastly, from the disposable e-cigs to the heavy duty mods, there is a pretty big price gap.  I am going to assume that you are wanting to quit smoking and are looking for a viable way to do that without having a nicotine meltdown.  Therefore, we will not be talking about the disposable e-cigs and rather compare the more complete setup of a mod.  Electronic Cigarette starter kits run anywhere from $10-$100 and come set up ready to go most times.

After purchasing your starter kit there are a few more things to consider when evaluating the long term cost; cost of batteries, cost of replacement parts and the cost of refilling the liquid. Myself personally went from a pack a day habit to vaping and have spent very little money.  I spent $90.00 on the starter kit, $30.00 for two highly rated aftermarket batteries, and $5.99 on my first bottle of liquid.  One 10mL bottle of liquid has lasted me 4 days, not too shabby considering I was spending $8.00 a day on cigarettes.  After sometime I started buying 30mL bottles for $23.99 that would last me almost three weeks.  The associated cost for replacing parts is very minimal if the products are taken care of.  Everything I have is stainless steel and I have dropped it numerous times with little effect.

2. Healthier Alternative to Smoking

Yeah, yeah, I know this topic can be a little bit harry considering the fact that electronic cigarettes are new to the market and there has not been enough time to track the long term effects vaping has on the human body.  However, the are multiple sources on the web that point out that even if vaping is not harmless,  the amount of harmful chemicals e-cigs emit are a fraction of what you get from a real cigarette.  What this means is second hand smoke may no longer be an issue with e-cigs as many experts point out.  Either way we have numerous customers that come in months after switching to an e-cig saying they feel healthier, have more energy and notice a huge difference in the way they breathe.  I myself can attest to the same effects after switching to an e-cig.

3. Odorless

Electronic cigarettes are completely odorless!  Well almost odorless, I can still smell a hint of strawberry when I am vaping.  But either way, I use to hate going into a business or my children’s school after just having a cigarette!  I could smell the menthol and cigarette odor perfiating off of my clothes, breath, EVERYTHING!  It was embarrasing at times and I always would just brush it off, even though I could tell people around me could smell the smoke. I would much rather have the hint of whatever flavor I am smoking rather than the average Marlboro smell.  With an electronic cigarette I can smoke without the worry of the horrible smell that comes with smoking.  I can smoke in my car and not have to worry about the smoke smell sticking to everything in it,  my clothes smell better, there really is no end to the benefits of odorless smoking.

4. Electronic Cigarettes are SAFER

We all have had that one friend growing up that would have too much to drink at the party and would literally fall asleep with a cigarette still in his hand burning.  In fact, just 6 hours before this post, an apartment building in Holden, Maine burned to the ground displacing more than a dozen residents due to careless smoking.  You do not have to be a rocket scientist to figure out that electronic cigarettes do not have the potential like traditional cigarettes to start wide spread fires.  While there have been some reports of e-cigs blowing up due to improper batteries and so forth, the risk associated with e-cigs are far less.   With an electronic cigarette you no longer have to worry about burn holes in clothes, cars and furniture any longer.

5. More Socially Acceptable

Do you remember when smoking used to be a “cool” thing to do?  Of course you do, it is the reason most smokers started smoking in the first place.  As new generations and trends have emerged smoking cigarettes isn’t as cool as it used to be.  A 2012 study by the Centers for Disease Control showed that smoking in adults had dropped from 42% in 1965 to just 19% by the end of 2011.   That is a huge decline in the amount of smokers today.  Electronic cigarettes have started to emerge as the new “hip” and healthier alternative to smoking.  Being able to enjoy an e-cig without affecting the people around you is awesome.  I would highly recommend all traditional smokers give this a try before spending a ton of money on patches or gum.

Please check back regularly for more Electronic Cigarette benefits and the latest tips and advice when it comes to vaping.

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